About Us...



My Vision has always been to dress children beautifully. I am a design lover, half Brazilian, half Lebanese, married to a British gentleman, full time mother of two little monkeys and now starting out as an online boutique owner. In the picture is my daughter Beatrice, who we affectionately call ‘Bibi'.

My family have lived in four continents, seven cities and several addresses. I have experienced many cultures, foods, costumes, fashion and life-styles. During those years I also enjoyed the magic of motherhood. I fell in love and appreciated stunning ways to beautifully dress a child without compromising their freedom and comfort. Design that makes a difference and builds memories for a lifetime. Every season, I travel the world to make sure we have the very best up-and-coming as well as established brands available.

Maison Bibi is now based in Back Bay Boston, Massachusetts and aims to bring you the best of many worlds, with hard to find children's designs, at the click of a button, for your dearest little ones. 



“I was determined not to follow existing fashion but to create new ones.” - Arthur Lasenby Liberty